How much do I need to pay up front?
Most apartments require a DEPOSIT of up to 3 months’ rent, part of which may be returned when the tenant moves out, providing there are no fees due and there is no damage to the apartment. Many owners also require nonrefundable KEY MONEY of up to 2 months’ rent. For those who can’t afford a lot of money up front, Sumai no Ichiban offers many apartments with no deposit/no key money. There is also a standard SERVICE CHARGE of 1 month’s rent on all apartments due at the signing. Rent is paid in advance by the 1st every month, and the FIRST MONTH’S RENT is paid in advance at the signing. The amount depends on the day the lease begins and the number of days remaining in the month. RENTER’S INSURANCE and FUMIGATION costs are also due at the signing.
What are the rules?

Make sure you understand ALL the rules regarding remodeling, gas heaters, having pets, garbage disposal, parking, adding tenants, etc. It there are any points that you disagree with, they may be negotiable. Breaking the rules is considered a breech of contract, which CAN BE GROUNDS FOR EVICTIONS and MAY RESULT IN THE LOSS OF THE DEPOSIT, so be sure to clear up these points before signing the lease. The most common reasons for eviction are subleasing or adding tenants without prior consent, improper garbage disposal, excessive noise, and failure to pay rent. There may be a penalty for ending the contract early or without sufficient notice. Find out whether 1 OR 2 MONTHS’ NOTICE is required before moving out. Also, ask what you will be responsible for (wall/floor damage, garbage removal, etc.) before signing the lease.

What should I bring to the signing?

Please being the following to the signing:

• alien registration
• passport
• valid visa
• your stamp (inkan), if you have one
• documents stamped by guarantor
• proof of guarantor’s stamp (inkan shoumeisho)
• the sum of deposits, service charge, etc.

Note: ALL RENTERS MUST HAVE A JAPANESE GUARANTOR. This includes Japanese and non-Japanese renters. The guarantor agrees to be responsible for all rent or penalties that go unpaid. Proof of authenticity of the guarantor’s stamp must accompany the stamped documents. If you don’t have a guarantor, one can be provided for a fee. You can apply in our office. The fee is usually 1/2 of a month’s rent, and it is due when your application is approved.

How do I have utilities connected?

Contact the electric, gas and water companies in the area of your new apartment. The GAS company will need to visit your apartment to do a test upon connecting, so someone will have to be there. In most apartment buildings, it is not necessary to have the WATER turned on.

To have the ELECTRICITY turned on, the procedure can vary depending on the area and the building. Usually it is not necessary for the electric company to visit, but if you’re moving into a building with an auto-lock system, someone must be home to let the person from the electric company into the building. If the electricity can be turned on from within the apartment, just turn on the breaker, and then fill out and mail the application to request service in your name.

To connect the TELEPHONE line, go to the nearest NTT office. You will need a passport or alien registration card and a total of ¥76,440 (an ¥800 service charge, a ¥72,000 installation fee and ¥3,640 tax). Note: installation fees may vary depending on the type of building.